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Nestled in the heart of Old Naples, Downtown, PJK Neighborhood Chinese is your passport to an exceptional culinary journey. Our menu, deeply inspired by the charm of our coastal community, embodies the essence of scratch-made perfection. Every dish is meticulously crafted for you, using only the freshest local seafood and the highest quality ingredients.

Our talented chefs skillfully blend traditional Chinese flavors with modern interpretations, creating a tapestry of tastes, and textures. We invite you to savor the vibrant notes of our authentic Chinese cuisine, harmonized with a coastal twist that captures the essence of our picturesque locale.

As you dine with us, explore our extensive collection of thoughtfully curated wines, the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Alternatively, let our mixologists craft a thoughtful, hand-crafted cocktail that perfectly complements your culinary adventure.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of coastal flavors and Chinese classics, a captivating culinary experience that transcends expectations.

Welcome to PJK Neighborhood Chinese.

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Enter our inviting neighborhood oasis, where the spirit of Old Naples meets contemporary comfort. Our design seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a relaxed atmosphere that mirrors our close-knit community. Our open floor-plan naturally brings friends, neighbors, and family together, whether you're unwinding with Chinese classics, enjoying craft cocktails, or savoring exemplary wines from our carefully curated list. At PJK Neighborhood Chinese, we invite you to relax, connect, and savor every moment, making it the perfect place to wind down at the end of the day.

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