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PJK Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant is the newest eatery of legendary restaurateur, Paul Fleming, and his wife, Jody Goodenough-Fleming. Paul and Jody made Naples their home in 2016. They were inspired to create a great restaurant in their neighborhood serving vibrant Chinese flavors crafted with clean, locally sourced ingredients and the bounty of fresh seafood available in their coastal community. Blending traditional craftsmanship and a commitment to scratch-made sauces, the PJK menu features delicate hand-folded soup dumplings, perfectly prepared local seafood, and the sweet craveable heat of traditional Chinese dishes like orange beef with spicy Sichuan sauce. The Flemings believe that a great meal is not only what you eat, but how you enjoy it. Family-style sharable entrees, roasted Peking duck for two, dim sum, an extensive eclectic wine offering, and unique craft cocktails all deliver a dining experience, not simply a meal. Additionally, the open spaces, energy, and coastal breezes moving through the comfortable bar and patio create an atmosphere rich with the warm hospitality and relaxed nature of contemporary upscale dining. Paul and Jody are active members of the Naples community, working with a variety of charitable organizations and community projects. PJK Neighborhood Chinese connects people and communities, and the Flemings look forward to welcoming their guests, serving delicious food, and creating memorable occasions in

The Olde Naples Community!

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Meet Kolton, the cheerful spirit behind PJK and our esteemed "Director of Vibes". Kolton isn't just a part of our acronym; he's the heart of our team and the epitome of the joy we strive to spread through our work. As the beloved dog of our founders, Paul and Jody, Kolton brings more than just a wagging tail to the office—his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy inspire us all to find happiness in the little things. He reminds us that at the core of every successful endeavor is a dose of fun, a lot of love, and a dash of charisma.

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